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Mixers are the heart of any operation. Whether you are a band or DJ the mixer is one of only a handful of things that can end a gig if it goes wrong. With this in mind it is critical to ensure you service and maintain your mixer regularly to keep it in perfect working order. With so many moving parts, pots, faders and buttons, it can seem daunting, so leave it into us and let our professional technicians look after your mixer service needs.

Some of the services we can offer your mixer include:

  • Fader replacement – Volume fader
  • Pot Replacement – EQ, aux sends, etc.
  • Sound problems – Buzzes, hums or poor output
  • Switch & Button Replacement / Cleaning
  • Broken PCB’s internally
  • Water or spill damage
  • Leaking EQ pots & fader crackle

Some of the brands we provide service and maintenance for include Pioneer DJ, Allen & Heath, Ecler, Technics and more……

For more information or pricing please contact us.